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About Us

Haydn Franklin is the President of 28Motosports. He started racing dirt bikes at the age of four in Texas. His family traveled the state as he competed in the Texas Enduro series. He went on to win the AA class (the highest level) nine times and was put in the TSCEC Hall of Fame. He then won the Pro class at the Texas winter series, TORO. Haydn is a three-time champion of Ballzapallooza, an extreme enduro event. Most recently, he won three state championships in the Expert class at TCCRA cross country racing series.

In his younger years, Haydn worked in several dirt bike shops in the DFW area, providing all of the types of work that he lists on his services page of this website. He knows what it takes to make sure each dirt bike is in the best possible shape and is race ready. Nothing is more frustrating to a determined racer than to suffer a mechanical DNF. Haydn is detail-oriented and goes over the bike meticulously to make sure that doesn't happen. 

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